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ECO Mini Siren - Composite

This siren has optional application of power on a two-wire system to trigger the siren or via a 4K7 ..

Mini Micro Siren - Composite

Intelligent microprocessor based external siren. Single balanced line produces security or fire s..

Piezo - Bracket Mounted

Four wire 209 style piezo screamer with mounting bracket. White with 115dB burglary sound.  ..

Piezo - Round Flush

Two wire 209 style piezo screamer with circular flush mounting ring. White with 115dB burglary so..

Piezo - Switch Plate Flush

Two wire 209 style piezo screamer with switch plate flush mounting. White with 115dB burglary sou..

RS1 Horn Speaker

White plastic 8 watt horn speaker with alnico magnet.   ..

Tear Drop Composite Strobe Siren

Constructed from UV protected composite. Available with red or blue lens ..

Tophat Piezo

Piezo screamer (white) with loud 110dB burglary sound.    ..