Pricing Effective 2016

Hours of Operation (NZ Time)

Monday - Friday 8 am -5 pm except public holidays

All Prices listed below exclude GST


Central Auckland Suburbs

Standard Call out/Onsite Rate: ($35 Call Out Fee Applies)
Our standard fee for all clients is $85 per hr. Our minimum charge is $85 that is for the first hour, and then billed at 15 min block intervals.

Standard Workshop/Offsite Rate(Pick up and drop off is not included)
$75 per hour minimum, Our minimum charge is $75  that is for the first hour and then billed at 15 min block intervals for systems delivered to and collected from our premises.

Please note that this is NOT a “while you wait” service, unless pre-arranged. If your item needs to be picked up and or returned then additional charges will apply depending on the area.

Outer Auckland Suburbs

$45 Call Out Fee Applies in addition to our Central Auckland Suburbs Standard Call out/Onsite Rate


Country Call outs (Applies to New Zealand Regions apart from Auckland and other South Pacific Regions)
Please call ACPONLINE


Help Desk, Telephone, Email Support, Remote PC Support Rates during Business Hours

$45 per 30 minutes block intervals.

Help Desk, Telephone, Email Support, Remote PC Support Rates Outside Business Hours

$65 per 30 minutes block intervals.


We provide call back telephone support;
Email support, help desk and computer problem solving.
Remote access support using Team-viewer remote access software.
This support is charged at 30 minute minimum increments.
If we cannot provide a solution immediately, then the costs include the research time required, once the solution is found we call or email you back and provide said solution. 

A service contract is also available if you require regular and cost effective solution from ACPonline

Service Contract / Support Contract:
A service contract with us engages us as your IT support, this gives you access to secure parts of our website, includes Email, Telephone & Remote access support, and access to a technician onsite if required.
All solutions or Hardware provided by ACPonline carries 12 month Return to Base warranty by default, and does not come with any service or support contract unless specified on the invoice or purchased separately.


After Hours (Auckland Central) - Hourly Rate: 1.5x Central Auckland Suburbs Standard Call out/Onsite Rate
This applies to any work required to be carried out before 8 am or after 5 pm Monday to Friday. The exception to this is if we are already working on site, when the after-hour's rate comes into effect 1.5 hours later.


Sundays and Public Holidays (Auckland Central): 2x Central Auckland Suburbs Standard Call out/Onsite Rate
We generally do not work on Sundays or public holidays, but if required then any call out, onsite or workshop work carried out on these days will be charged at double our standard call out rate.