Receipt Printers

Receipt Printers

We have the widest choice of printers in New Zealand, from thermal to dot matrix. You can find out here  what is a thermal printer is?

To find a printer of your choice you can email or call us for assistance.

For those wanting a mobile receipt solution, we have them as well.

At the point of sale counter we have some of the world famous brands such as Star Micronics ,epson, citiizen, sam4s

For solutions from smart devices we have iOS Bluetooth printing as well.

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Advanpos APP-100 Thermal Receipt Printer

             Overview Ideal for supermarkets, retail, amusem..

Advanpos WP-T800 Thermal Receipt Printer ~ Charcoal

             Overview The WP-T800 Line Thermal Printer has a..

Advanpos WP-T800 USB Interface for Thermal Receipt Printer

             Overview USB interface for the Advanpos WP-T800..

Bixolon SRP-270 Dot Matrix POS Printer

High Speed Dot Matrix Printing Fast print speed 4.6LPS Now standard without in..

Bixolon SRP-275II Dot Matrix POS Printer

Main Feature High Speed Dot Matrix Printing Build in power supply Fast prin..

Bixolon SRP-350 Plus III Thermal POS Printer

Fast printing speed of up to 300mm per second High speed USB 2.0 & Ethernet Interf..

Bixolon SRP-350II Thermal POS Printer

Compact Thermal Receipt Printer 200 mm/Sec High Speed Printing Standard withou..

Bixolon SRP-500 Inkjet POS Printer

Compact Inkjet Receipt Printer Fast Printing Speed  Two Colour Combinatio..

Bixolon SRP-F310 Thermal POS Printer

Liquid-Barrier™ front exit printer(IPX2 Class Certified) All in one plus™ Interfaces&n..

Citizen CD-S50x Series Impact POS Printer

High Speed Dot Matrix Printing Build in power supply Drop in Paper loading ..

Citizen CT-S2000 Thermal POS Printer

220 mm/sec high-speed printing 82.5 / 80 / 60 / 58mm selectable paper width Fr..

Citizen CT-S280 Small Thermal Printer

High Speed (80mm/sec) Direct Thermal Printing Drop in Paper loading ..

Citizen CT-S310 II Thermal POS Printer

Low cost Thermal Printing 160mm/sec. printing speed Drop-in Paper Loading ..

Citizen CT-S310 Thermal POS Printer

Low cost Thermal Printing 150mm/sec. printing speed Addressable two-colour the..

Citizen CT-S4000 4" Thermal POS Printer

150 mm/sec high-speed printing 112 / 82.5 / 80mm selectable paper width Easy p..