Eftpos Common Problems & Troubleshooting

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How long does it take to authorize a transaction?

Transactions are normally processed within 3-5 seconds.


My Eftpos Machine is Not Printing

Check to make sure the thermal paper is seated correctly under the printer lid. The paper needs to feed from the underside up and the printer lid closes on top. If the paper is around the wrong way, it will feed the paper but won't print.


Transmission Error (Dial up)

Check the phone line is plugged into the telephone port on the terminal and at the wall, remove any double adapters / broadband filters, check the line with a telephone to make sure you have dial tone.


The card is not swiping or the EFTPOS machine is not reading the card

Alternate the speed and direction of the card swipe and if you are unsuccessful, carry out the following checks:

  • Check that the magnetic swipe on the card is not damaged
  • Check whether the machine can successfully read other cards.


The machine is not responding or is frozen, or the screen is displaying NPO or an invalid character

Check that the power cable is connected correctly or Reconnect it.

You can do this by:

  • Removing the power cable
  • Reconnecting the power cable after 10 seconds.


What are MOTO transactions?

MOTO means Mail Order / Telephone Order. With MOTO transactions the merchant never receives a signature from the customer, but only the credit card number and expiration date.


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