Paymark Approved Terminals

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ACPonline is Paymark Accredited Re-seller.


Click here to view the list of approved terminals or here for an overview of Paymark terminal compliance


Current Specification


The current Paymark terminal specification is version 2014, released in October 2013.

As of 30 April 2014, no new terminal installations can use the Paymark software version 6.0.  Please contact your terminal provider for more information on upgrading your terminal software.

The following specifications are able to be connected to the Paymark network:

  • Version 5.2 (limited)
  • Version 6.0 (limited)
  • Version 6.1
  • Version 2013
  • Version 2014

Compliance Dates


The following dates show the expiry (last deployment) and sunset (complete removal) dates for all Paymark software and hardware versions.


Expiry Date:  The date after which no new device connections can be made to the Paymark network. Dispensations may apply to replaced merchant lanes or merchant additions only but will need approval by Paymark and in some cases the Acquirer


Sunset Date: The date after which all devices must be removed from the Paymark network. Dispensations can apply to non-financial terminals only.


Paymark Software Dates



Expiry Date

Sunset Date


Already passed

1 June 2014


Already passed

30 April 2016


30 April 2015

30 April 2017


30 April 2016

30 April 2017


30 April 2017

30 April 2018










The expiry and sunset date that applies to a particular solution is the earliest of the Paymark specification date and the PCI PTS hardware date. In some cases Paymark may provide a solution at an earlier expiry date. This will be notified in the Approved Terminals list. 


Upgrading your Terminal


To arrange a terminal upgrade, please contact us. If you are unsure who your provider is send us an email or call paymark on 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627).