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Acponline supports version 4, version 5, version 5.5, version 6.0 and the current version 6.03 of Idealpos.

Acponline does Idealpos restaurant module support !

Acponline does Idealpos back office module support !

Acponline Idealpos pos sale module support !


There are hundreds of point of sale software available in the market and is rising exponentially. Acponline strives its success in the point of sale industry across the south pacific purely because of its support. A brand new car with no or limited after sale service and maintenance is like going deep see diving without a oxygen tank.

Why are we so different?  Learning the grass root is the key, Acponline has extensive experience from the days of windows 2000 to now. Our hardware skills on touch screen compatibility, receipt printer interface, Eftpos programming, structured cabling and integration to VVTC systems is second to none.

We get so many enquiries on a weekly basis from new clients who are not at all satisfied with their current supplier. Reason is simple "they pass on the buck" or "it's not the equipment fault" and so on. We have heard them all .

We also get suppliers calling us for support - now how strange is that.

So common issues we come across for Idealpos are:

  • The license key is missing
  • My touch screen is not booting up
  • My system is so slow.
  • My back office and pos system are not talking to each other
  • My receipt printer is printing out gibberish or garbage and does not make sense.
  • I have a touch screen but the touch component is not working.
  • My pos system has stopped send transaction totals to my Eftpos machine.
  • How can i add more memory or a bigger hard drive on my touch screen terminal
  • My cash drawer is not kicking open
  • I have paper in the receipt printer but is coming up with paper empty error

and so many more.....


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