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Ideal POS System - Touch Screen POS Software designed specifically for cafes, bars, restaurants and food outlets, allowing you to operate more efficiently and increase both customer service and business profits.

Fully integrated and modular in design, Ideal POS System is suitable for a wide range of hospitality operations - from the single terminal, multi-terminal and multi-site configurations. It provides full Point of Sale and Back Office functionality. Together with detailed reporting and analysis features these will allow you to effectively manage and control all your business activities.

You will be able to serve customers faster and process orders from any terminal, including wireless handhelds. Ideal POS System is capable of tracking an unlimited number of different products; identify your best or worst sellers and profitable/non-profitable items. You will be able to control stock levels, automate re-order levels and update your selling prices without bringing the POS terminals offline.

Hardware independent, Ideal POS System will operate on Windows XP or Vista and interfaces to an extensive range of peripherals including kitchen printers, kitchen monitors, wireless handhelds, proximity clerk wristbands and Eftpos. This allows you to choose the most suitable combination of hardware to suit your environment. Whether you are a cafe, bar restaurant or food outlet, Ideal POS System will help you to improve customer service, control prices, margins and improve overall company performance.


Hospitality Idealpos Features : 

  • ​​Table Map : The Table Map provides a graphical user interface to view at a glance the status of all tables within the establishment. The table map is completely customizable and can facilitate the configuration of many different functions. Each colour represents a different status for the table, which can be custom designed to each install.

    Table Map Features :
    • Bill Print and split Bill by Seat
    • Transfer Tables
    • View a Summary of all Tables within the Restaurant
    • Enter orders using Seat numbers
    • Access Reservations (with Reservations enabled)
    • Make Tables Inactive
    • Modify the Table Map and join tables together during service
    • Set alert time for bill printed and not paid, and guest seated but not ordered
    • Enter the number of guest, and produce reports based on average food and beverage spends by guest


  • Bill Splitting : Bill Splitting allows your guests to split a bill between multiple variations to give everyone the chance to pay what is required of them. The bill can be split in 4 different ways, which are by Fraction, Amount, Cover and Quantity, or a combination of each.


  • Kitchen Pritners : Idealpos supports various kitchen printing formats for small cafes through fine dining restaurants. The example below is based on the ‘Group instruction by Seat’ format. This format is great for automatically sorting items into print groups, and keeping instructions together with the correct item.


  • Emplyoee Log : Idealpos has the facility to record and keep track of each employee in regards to the hours that they are at work. The Employee Log will keep track of when clerks log on, log off and take breaks.For added security, clerks can be assigned with custom passwords. Managers and Supervisors can have the ability to edit the Employee Log if needed. The employee log can be printed out to assist in calculating payroll details. Idealpos can also calculate the labour cost of an employee by their hourly rate and the amount of time that they are at work (minus any breaks).


  • Reservations : The Reservations module is used in conjunction with the Restaurant module to enable you to take bookings to a table days, weeks, months and years in advance and have them recorded in Idealpos. Reservations can be created on multiple Table Maps and in different areas or sections within those. Customers added to the Reservations will also be added into the Idealpos database, keeping their records when they return each time.


  • Handheld Ordering : Ideal Handheld enables you to take an order at a Table with the order printed automatically to a Kitchen Printer. The order is then saved to the corresponding table.The Ideal Handheld software will run on several PDA brands including the Widefly, Symbol, Sharp, Dell and HP.It is also possible to print bills from the Handheld, inquiry on a table, and view specials of the day.


  • Recipe Costing : The cost price of prepared food can be calculated by adding raw ingredients as stock items to the Idealpos database. Food products that are sold to a customer can then be setup as indirect stock items, so each time they are sold, the stock level of raw ingredients are deducted from stock. By entering these ingredients into Idealpos through Stock Purchases or Purchase Orders, the cost price is updated and flows through to the indirect item, updating the total cost price of that indirect item.