Case Study-1

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Telecommunication company fails to deliver


 A well established Automobile wrecking company recently changed his telecommunication company. The teleco sales representative promised of a smooth and seem-less changeover of all his services including broadband.

All said, changeover was carried over by the teleco contractors over the weekend when the business was closed for public.
Monday became a nightmare for the owner when he discovered the modem was relocated to another location . Only one of his three desktops were connecting to the internet. He was not able to send out emails.  His accounting package was not working on any computers.

He repeated calls the new teleco help desk to rectify this issue immediately, but they weren't available for a furthur 2 dayts. He then called us to rectify all related issues immediately.

Solution :

Within 2 hours ACPONLINE  delivered what the teleco failed to do.
Network cables and switch was relocated and configured around the location of the new ADSL modem. Mail server settings set to a new teleco setting. New LAN IP allocated to all desktops, and accounting program shortcut remapped.

End result a Happy Customer.