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Any POS system can have buttons on the screen to sell a liquor product, but why would you settle for anything less than an Idealpos Point of Sale System? Idealpos not only has fantastic stock control and reporting capabilities but also perform Bar Tabs, Happy Hour, Raffle Tickets, Coupons, Beverage Monitoring, Promotions and much, much more.


Bar Idealpos Features : 

  • Alerts : Alerts allow you to be notified by email when different types of transactions are triggered. Some of the functions that are able to be used are No Sales, Void Entire Sales, Voids, Stock Items and Customers. You are able to setup conditions for each different alert you want to create.


  • Bar Tabs : Bar Tabs uses a specific function within Idealpos whereby you can save sales against a special Customer Account that has been previously set up. Bar Tabs can be accessed by using the Bar Tab Code, Magnetic Swipe, Search Customer List or Scan Code.

    Bar Tabs can be used when customers want to keep all their sales accumulating and pay for them at the end of the night before they leave in one transaction. It is a good way to enable fast payment with function groups, or to increase bar sales.

    Some features of Bar Tabs include:

    • Print Bar Tab Reports & Bills from the POS Screen.
    • Print Bar Tab Summary.
    • Transfer Bar Tabs to a Table or Customer Account.
    • Transfer Tables to a Bar Tab.
    • POS Server will centralize Bar Tabs.
    • Outstanding Bar Tabs will display on Financial Report.
    • All Bar and Kitchen printing features will work.


  • Happy Hours : It is possible to setup a group of items that will change price automatically at a pre-determined date and time. The special price schedule allows you to enter a price for each item that will change during specific times.


  • Customer Rewards Promotions : Customer Reward Promotions is a feature within Idealpos to create rewards for customers who purchase items regularly. A typical customer reward concept is the 'Buy X Coffees get 1 free' promotion in which most businesses offer this customer reward using a manual coffee card system.Idealpos will keep a record of the customer sales and allow the operator to check if the customer is entitled to any rewards. If the customer has earned a reward and they purchase one of these items, Idealpos will alert the operator that the customer can redeem their reward instead of paying the normal price.


  • Transfer & Waste Modes : If you are using more than one location, you have the ability to transfer stock from one location to another using Transfer Mode direct through the POS Screen. You can only access multiple locations when two or more POS Terminals are added to your database.Waste mode is used to write stock off on the fly without the need for exiting the POS Screen. It also gives you the ability to ensure the write-off is made at the time the issue arise to ensure it is recorded.


  • Hold Print Function : The Hold Print Function can be used when a group of people are sitting at the same table, but wish to order and pay for their meals individually. The clerk operating the POS terminal can use the hold print function to prevent the order sending to the kitchen printer or kitchen monitor, until the last person has ordered their meal.Idealpos has two separate functions called Hold Print. The first and original method was the Hold Print function from the Table Map Details Screen. This allowed any users who use the Restaurant Module to select a table from the table map and press hold print.
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