Wireless Lighting Accessories

Wireless Lighting Accessories

Rako’s accessories compliment home security, linking the system to security alarms that bring lights on in the event of activation. The TCM time-clock can turn lights on automatically at dusk, run a sequence or replay normal occupancy during holidays

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100M RAKOM radio signal repeater

12vdc powered unit that repeats and boosts all RAKOM signals within a single ‘house’ address. Typica..

8 channel RAKOM DMX output unit

A compact DMX RF dimmer for multi channel DMX controlled light fittings.  The unit enables dimm..

Infrared to RAKOM radio interface unit

Designed to be located out of sight along with other audiovisual sources it creates a link between i..

Intelligent partition control unit

The unit accepts inputs from up to 2 partitions giving a total of 3 individual rooms or combinations..

Presence sensor with integral daylight sensor, mains powered

A ceiling mount PIR motion detector with a 360o sensor pattern.  The unit is ideally suited to ..

RA Bridge

RA-Bridge will add the following features to a RAKO wireless system: ? Ethernet interface, includ..

RF Hand held remote control

The RAH-SMART controller is a handset with a colour display screen allowing use in multiple rooms, s..

RF Hand held remote control

A wireless 7 button hand held controller providing 4 scenes plus off and master raise and lower. The..

RTC Bridge

RTC-Bridge will add the following features to a RAKO wired system: ? Ethernet interface, includin..


Designed to be the gateway between Rako transmitter devices and the RAK-4 range of dimmer racks.Can ..

SMS text message to RAKOM interface

It creates a link between mobile telephone SMS text messages and Rako RF based receivers.  The ..


TIMED EVENTS The TCM timeclock unit has a battery backed real-time clock which, when connected, s..

USB RF Gateway for Rasoft

The RAUSB module allows a PC running the RASOFT programming software to communicate with RAKOM recei..

Volt free contact to RACOM radio interface unit.

It creates a link between volt-free relay, switch or PIR sensor outputs and Rako RF based receivers...

WA Bridge

WA-Bridge will add the following features to a RAKO wired system: Ethernet interface, including r..