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What does POS stand for?
Point of Sale - It can be a windows , linux, DOS based system or a simple cash register

Why do I need a point of sale system?
A point of sale (POS) system allows you to keep track of your transactions, and provides many facts about tracking the sales results of your business. This will allow you to compare year to date and month to date sales that can provide great insight for the direction of your business. It is a powerful marketing tool to keep a database of your customers. A POS system can also track your inventory, order lists, and allow you to implement any changes as you see fit.

Do you supply and install pos equipment?

Where do you supply your pos equipment?
Anywhere in the south pacific region

What is a serial interface?
A serial interface is the type of attachment from the serial port of the printer to the serial port of a PC. Serial ports on a PC computer are male containing 9 or 25 pins

What is a parallel interface?
A parallel interface is the type of attachment from the parallel port of the printer to the parallel port of the PC. It is always a 25pin female parallel port on a PC. Most parallel ports on printers will have a Centronics interface, but sometimes may require other interfaces.

What is a direct thermal printer?
A direct thermal printer requires that special "thermally coated" paper be used for printing. The thermal head has direct contact with the thermal paper, which cause the item to be printed

What is a thermal transfer printer?
Thermal transfer printers require thermal ribbons. The thermal ribbon is found in between the thermal print head and the thermal paper. The thermal head heats up the thermal ribbon and then transfers the image on to the paper.

My POS touch screen has gone slow? What can I do?
Defrag Hard Drive, do a virus scan

Can antivirus or internet security software quarrantine vital pos files?

Do you recommend regular back up of pos system?

How can we back up cash register data?

All new cash registers come with a USB or serial port and via an interface cable and with relevant software can back up data onto a PC or a flash drvie

My cash register has lost all its data automatically?
Sounds like onboard batteries needs to be be changed.

I have lost my cash register keys - Do you supply replacements?

Email us

Do you rent out POS systems?

Can you interface my cash register and eftpos machine ?
Email us your equipment details

Do you sell second hand cash registers ?
Generally we dont - As the price and warranty of the new one does not justify ACPONLINE to sell second hand POS hardware to its clients with little or no warranty cover

Do you configure POS equipment purchased through other second hand dealers or websites?
ACPONLINE looks at this on a case by case basis. You are welcome to email us at any time

Do you supply pos consumables, like ribbons, paper rolls, etc?
Yes we hold a wide range of consumables

Do you repair cash registers?
Yes we do - Email us

I am selling my business and need to hard reset my POS system - Is it possible?

Why do prices of identical pos systems vary drastically across dealers in NZ?
As an expert in this industry for over 10 years. Acponline always advises its clients to read between the lines. Many factors such as phone support, remote pc support, onsite hardware warranty always play a major role in determing the price. Would you rather have someone at you business site in a couple of hours or couple of days to fix an issue?

Are you able to match prices?
We are a service driven company where client satisfaction is our ultimate aim. Beating prices for the same service level and POS hardware has never been an issue for ACPONLINE

Can ACPONLINE work within an allocated budget to deliver a POS system?
Yes - We always prefer to do a site evaluation for physical, electrical and data layouts before quoting our clients

Can you support any pos system?
No - There are hundreds of pos systems around and there is no way Acponline can support all of them.

I need to a pos system to be installed out of New Zealand - Can you help us?
Yes we can, We have been supplying pos equipment around the south pacifc like Fiji, Tonga, Cook Island, Samoa and Nauru to name a few

Can remote support subscription be purchased at any stage?

Which brands of cash registers do you sell and support?
Towa, Sam4s

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