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Onkyo BDSP809

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Onkyo BDSP809 REAR
Onkyo BDSP809 REAR

Now you’ll never be short of content. As Onkyo’s top Blu-ray player, the THX® certified BD-SP809 provides a wide range of playback functions to complement your high-quality home theater. As well as playing CDs, DVDs, and 3D-encoded BDs, the BD-SP809 handles videos, music, and photos sent from a DLNA 1.5-certified media server. On top of that, it also features a USB port that lets you play back audio and video files from a thumb drive. Image quality is superb, whatever the source. Onboard Qdeo™ technology from Marvell ensures pristine deinterlacing, noise-reduction, and 1080p upscaling. Twin HDMI® outputs allow you to switch between two displays—say, your main TV for daily viewing and a projector for movies and sports. And whether you’re playing high-def DTS and Dolby formats or compressed MP3s, your audio benefits from a high-precision clock, separate blocks for video/audio circuitry, and a vibration-reducing top cover. It all adds up to a virtuoso playback solution for the dedicated fan of quality entertainment.

THX® Certification

To achieve THX certification, the BD-SP809 meets the world’s most demanding standards for home theater playback. It’s your guarantee of superior A/V performance and an accurate reproduction of the full cinema experience in your home.

Home Network Capability

The rear-side Ethernet port on the BD-SP809 lets you connect it to a home network and incorporate a huge array of content into your main entertainment system. The BD-SP809 works as a seamless and convenient conduit for videos, music, and photos stored on your PC or digital media server.

1080p Video Upscaling and Processing via Qdeo™ Technology

The BD-SP809 offers full 1080p upscaling of standard video sources such as 576i/p, 720p, and 1080i. Interlaced-to-progressive conversion and scaling are performed by high-quality Qdeo technology from Marvell. Qdeo is a versatile video processor that uses algorithms designed to erase video noise and artifacts such as jaggies and feathering. Played back on a compatible wide-screen display, your Blu-ray Discs and DVDs will look more detailed and cinematic than ever.


THX® Certified

Supports Blu-ray 3D Playback (When Connected to a 3D-Compatible TV)

2 HDMI® Outputs Support 3D, 1080p, DeepColor™, x.v.Color™, and CEC

Dolby® TrueHD and Dolby® Digital Plus Decoding

Supports DTS-HD Master Audio™ Essential

1080p Upscaling of Standard Video Sources (1080i, 720p, and 576i/p) with Qdeo™ Technology by Marvell

Precision Clock for Optimal Timing of Digital Signals

Plays AVCHD*, Divx HD, MP3, WMA, and JPEG Formats

Ethernet Port for BD-Live, Firmware Updates, and Media Streaming via Home Network

Certified with DLNA Version 1.5 for Streaming Videos, Photos, and Music (Compatible with MPEG 1, MPEG 2 PS, MPEG 2 TS/TTS, LPCM, MP3, WMA, and JPEG Formats)

USB Port for Media Content

19 mm-Pitch Audio Outputs for High-Grade Cable

Gold-Plated HDMI, Analog Audio, Digital Audio (Coaxial Only), and Analog Video Outputs

Independent Circuit Blocks for Audio, Digital Video, and Analog Video to Reduce Electromagnetic Interference

Center-Mounted Drive Mechanism for Optimal Weight Balance

*Encoded on DVD-R/RW only.


Plays BD-Video (BD-ROM, BD-R/RE), DVD-Video (DVD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, DVD±R DL), Audio CD, MP3 CD, WMA CD, DTS-CD, and CD-R/RW*

BD-Live Functionality for Interactive Content

1080/24p Video Output for Full-HD Movies

2 Digital Audio Outputs (Optical and Coaxial)

Analog Audio, Component Video, and Composite Video Outputs

Picture-in-Picture Video and Audio Configuration (BD Only)

Repeat Playback Modes for BD, DVD, and CD: All, Chapter, A-B; Title (BD, DVD only); Track and Random (CD only)

Angle and Resume Playback (for BD and DVD)

Digital Noise Reduction for HD Content

*Discs should be properly finalized.


On-Screen Display for Settings and Playback (Auto*/English/French/Spanish/Italian/German/Dutch/Swedish/

Source Direct

Display Dimmer (Normal/Dim/Dimmer)

RS232 Port

IR Input and Output

Aluminum Front Panel

Remote Control

*The language is selected automatically to match that used by the HDMI-connected display.


Frequency Response:
BD 4 Hz–88 kHz (192 kHz)
DVD Linear Sound 4 Hz–44 kHz (96 kHz), 4 Hz–22 kHz (48 kHz)
Audio CD 4 Hz–20 kHz (44.1 kHz)

WHD: 435 x 104 x 313 mm

Weight: 4.7 kg

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