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Whether you are a convenience store, delicatessen or gift shop, Ideal POS System will help you automate procedures, rationalize stocks, control prices and margins and improve overall company performance. Easy to use Touch Screen Point of Sale with scanning, alpha-sorted menus, programmable grids and a host of other features to help you serve customers faster, improve their shopping experience and improve store efficiency.

Retail Features

POS Interface
Ideal POS System’s easy to use POS interface is flexible and can be customized to suit your business. There are a number of ways to enter a sale with most retail businesses using barcode scanners to accurately record sales. You can also program items on the POS screen, scroll through alphabetical menus, type in a product code, browse through images of your products, or use the item search facility to search by description, scan code or product code. Function buttons that perform voids, no-sales, discounts, and refunds can be put in any position or moved to a separate menu layer so only authorized staff can access them

Customer database
Our software comes standard with a complete customer database to allow you to have various types of customers, including lay-by, account and loyalty customers. You can add new customers during a sale and enter their personal contact details including phone number, postal and delivery address, email, gender, birth month, company, occupation, martial status and much more. There are 15 user defined fields that can be used to store any information you like about your customers.

A Lay-by message can be printed at the bottom of the receipt with terms and conditions, with a default maximum lay-by period and minimum deposit options. Customers can hold multiple lay-bys and pay them off separately or all together in one transaction. Ideal POS System records any items that are kept on lay-by as a separate stock level, so you can see what stock you have that can be sold, and what stock is held for lay-by customers.

Gift vouchers
Gift Vouchers can be sold with the dollar value and name recorded within Ideal POS System. You can print reports to show both redeemed and unredeemed gift vouchers. The Gift Voucher number can be automatically generated, or you can enter a Gift Voucher number from a Gift Certificate or Card.

Credit notes
If a Customer returns a product for a refund, you can issue a Credit Note instead of a cash refund. The credit amount and customer’s details are recorded within Ideal POS System. You can print reports to show both redeemed and unredeemed Credit Notes.

Customer loyalty
Customers can be issued with a customer loyalty card with a barcode or magnetic strip to quickly recall their details during a sale. You can reward customers by offering points for particular items or on the total dollar value of the sale. Customers can redeem the points for items offered on promotion or used towards paying for their next transaction. You can send bulk emails to your customers by accessing the customer enquiry search facility.

Shelf and product labels
Shelf and Product labels can be generated from the items stored in the database and exported to Avery Design Pro labeling software. The process of printing labels is fully automated with label formats to suit any shape and size label. When stock purchases are entered into the system, you can tick an option to automatically print the correct quantity of shelf or product labels for each item.

Scales can be connected to your Ideal POS system so each weighed item can have its price per kilo pre-programmed, allowing accurate sales entry and speedy service. Items can be ticked as ‘scale items’ in the database, which matches the item to the weight from the scale. Ideal POS System supports most scales brands including Mettler Toledo, PSC, Digi, Tec, Cas, and Acom. Items that have already been weighed and labeled with the price can be scanned, with the ‘programmable barcode’ allowing for the retrieval of the price and the product code from the barcode number.

Promotion tables
Promotion Tables is a feature in the software that automatically applies a discount without the operator remembering to press a discount key at the end of the sale. A group of items (by department) or individual items are linked to a Promotion Table, so at the end of the sale, Ideal POS System will apply a discount to those items if the preset trip level has been reached; for example, your retail shop is offering a ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ promotion on a particular range of items. Promotion Tables supports four types of discounts: percentage discount, dollar discount, fixed price and bonus item.

Integrated EFTPOS
EFTPOS terminals can be interfaced directly to Idealpos to eliminate operator mistakes and improve speed of service.
Idealpos support the following EFTPOS Interfaces:

New Zealand
•Posilink - Cadmus, Hypercom, Verifone
•DPS Payment Express
•PC Eftpos (Eftpos NZ)
•Skyzer Nitro, Ingenico i5100 terminals.

Digital video surveillance
Ideal POS System can be interfaced to several types of Digital Surveillance Security Camera Systems. As sales are keyed into POS, the text is overlaid on the camera footage to allow a business owner to compare the visual image to what is being entered at the POS. You can search for particular transactions like no-sales or voids to see if any money has been removed from the cash drawer and which operator performed the transaction.

MYOB Interface
Send reconciled banking totals and supplier purchase data seamlessly to MYOB Accounting Software via a direct ODBC Database Connection. General Ledger accounts in MYOB are linked to Sale and Purchase Categories in Ideal POS System, along with other POS Functions.

Ideal POS System will interface with the following versions of MYOB:

•MYOB Accounting v17
•MYOB Accounting Plus v11
•MYOB Premier v11
•MYOB Premier Enterprise v5

Sales Reconciliation
Before the data is ready to send to MYOB, the sales and banking totals must be reconciled. At the POS, each terminal performs it’s usual end of shift function. The figures from each POS terminal are added together so the total sales and banking figures are checked and balanced before they are sent to MYOB.

MYOB Transaction Journal
The sales and banking data is sent to MYOB with the transaction journal memo showing the data was transferred from POS. The sales are broken down into sales categories with GST and GST Free amount separated.

Supplier Invoices to MYOB
Once invoices and purchase orders have been fully processed, the stock purchase will appear in the accounting – supplier invoice screen waiting to be exported. You can select multiple invoice to send to MYOB and run this procedure once weekly or as required.

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