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Ideal POS System - Touch Screen POS Software designed specifically for cafes, bars, restaurants and food outlets, allowing you to operate more efficiently and increase both customer service and business profits.

Fully integrated and modular in design, Ideal POS System is suitable for a wide range of hospitality operations - from the single terminal, multi-terminal and multi-site configurations. It provides full Point of Sale and Back Office functionality. Together with detailed reporting and analysis features these will allow you to effectively manage and control all your business activities.

You will be able to serve customers faster and process orders from any terminal, including wireless handhelds. Ideal POS System is capable of tracking an unlimited number of different products; identify your best or worst sellers and profitable/non-profitable items. You will be able to control stock levels, automate re-order levels and update your selling prices without bringing the POS terminals offline.

Hardware independent, Ideal POS System will operate on Windows XP or Vista and interfaces to an extensive range of peripherals including kitchen printers, kitchen monitors, wireless handhelds, proximity clerk wristbands and eftpos. This allows you to choose the most suitable combination of hardware to suit your environment. Whether you are a cafe, bar restaurant or food outlet, Ideal POS System will help you to improve customer service, control prices, margins and improve overall company performance.

Hospitality Features

POS Screen
Our experience has shown that businesses that upgrade from a conventional cash register with limited functionality to our advanced Ideal POS System instantly see an increase in their profits. Why? The reason is simple. We'll show you how to maintain and program your touchscreen layouts to suit your menu and meal options without complicating and increasing the time it takes to process an order. Your staff won’t forget to charge for the extras or forget to 'upsell', as the POS terminal will guide them step-by-step through the choices to offer to your customers

Graphical table layout
With the Graphical Table Layout, you can see at a glance what the status of each table is. When your guests arrive, you can ‘occupy’ the table on the table map which will notify you if they have been seated for too long while waiting to be served. As their orders are taken, information is updated in the details screen of each table. You can easily transfer specific items on one table to another table, or transfer the entire table to another table if your guests decide to move.

The Graphical Table Layout can be changed during service with tables able to be joined together and new tables added. An unlimited number of table layouts can be stored in the database and loaded on the day it’s required. Up to 10 Graphical Table Layouts can be in use across your network, allowing different areas to operate on their own floor plan

Table status options
By customizing your own table status options, you can identify which guests are ready for entrée, mains, desserts or another round of drinks. When your guests request their bill, Ideal POS System will keep track of the time it takes to have the bill paid; if they have been waiting too long, the table icon will start flashing to alert the operator to hurry up

Bill Splitting
Are you one of these restaurants that does not split bills for your guests? Manually splitting the bill can take a long time, often with items left over that haven’t been paid and become the responsibility of the last guests. Ideal POS System manages bill splitting seamlessly with the operator choosing to select specific items for separate payment. Bills can also be split by seat numbers, or by evenly dividing the bill among your guests. Guests who leave early can choose to pay-off a set dollar amount with the system automatically allocating the payment to the table's outstanding bill.

Item alert levels
Ideal POS System will alert the operator when entering an order if an item is sold out. For food items, you can enter the quantity for each meal before the start of service, and stock controlled items (including liquor) can have alert levels based on the current stock level. The alert level can be set individually for each item or programmed easily for groups of items if desired

IPS Table server
You can trust the integrity of your table information with all data centrally stored at the IPS Table Server. When a table is accessed in Ideal POS System, the table is locked to prevent other operators from deleting or transferring data from the table. In the unlikely event your server crashes, your system can be set to operate in 'multi-terminal mode' whereby each POS terminal will store the data in its own database.

Kitchen printers
Kitchen Printers are managed entirely within Ideal POS System, allowing notification of print jobs that have failed due to the printer running out of paper, a paper jam or if the power is switched off. The operator can choose from a list of backup printers to redirect the print job to. A wide range of both Serial and Ethernet thermal and dot matrix printers are supported including IdealPOS, Epson and Samsung. You can program an item to be sent to a maximum of six printers simultaneously with each POS terminal having its own kitchen printer options. For example, your restaurant may have an upstairs bar and downstairs bar, with each bar serving the same items, so depending on where the item was sold, Ideal POS System will direct the kitchen docket to the respective printer.

Kitchen docket and bill/receipt examples
Kitchen Docket formats includes:
•Standard (no formatting)
•Order by Print Group
•Order by Seat/Print Group
•Oder by Print Group/Seat
•Group Instructions by Seat
The example shown of the kitchen docket is 'Group Instructions by Seat' which accumulates the same items and keeps the instructions with the seat number.
You can also choose to group the items by print group. You can use the 'Print Group Shift' function if you want a Entrée dish to be served as a Main meal.

Wireless handheld ordering
Orders can be taken using a wireless PDA device with the items printing to their respective bar and kitchen printers. Specials of the day and previous order history can be retrieved easily. The order can be entered using the guests’ seat numbers so the waiter knows which meal belongs to each guest. Our wireless order software will operate on most PDAs with Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher, including trusted brands like Sharp, Symbol and Widefly.

Clerk security
Secure your Ideal POS System by enabling the compulsory clerk security features. Clerks can log onto the system by entering their clerk code, swiping a magnetic card or using a proximity clerk wrist-band. Each function of the Graphical Table Layout can be locked depending on your level of security. These functions include deleting items from a table, finishing tables, table transfers, and printing and paying bills.

Employee log
Would you like to know when your busy periods are and how much is being spent on wages? Ideal POS System includes Employee Logging as standard with the ability to enter the average hourly rate for each staff member so you can compare your sales to your labour costs. Employees login at the start of their shift with the system preventing them from using the POS terminal if they forget to log in. Meal breaks can be recorded with total hours calculated for all staff on each shift. The employee log can be edited from the back office to change any hours recorded or if staff forget to log out.

Recipe costing
Calculate the cost of each meal by entering the recipes into Ideal POS System. Purchased products with their cost price are entered with recipes created as ‘Indirect Items’ to calculate an accurate cost of the meal. Jus, sauces, canapés and other pre-prepared items can be created as ‘Indirect Items’ and can be used in other meals like ‘eye fillet with red wine jus’ which are referred to as ‘Nested Indirect Items’. When purchases are entered into Ideal POS System, the last and average cost prices are updated, which automatically recalculates the cost of each meal

Manage your reservations with Ideal POS System’s fully integrated Reservations Module. Ensure your staff take phone bookings correctly, with Ideal POS System guiding them through the correct order in which to take the reservation. Reservations are entered by selecting the day, number of guests and time. As you’re typing the name and number for the booking, Ideal POS System displays any matching names or numbers to retrieve easily previous booking history. You can recall the last time they dined with you, who served them, which table they had, and what they ate.
Ideal POS System will automatically allocate the next available table depending on the number of guests and which tables are available. Each table can have a priority level to ensure your bookings are allocated in the order in which you prefer your tables to be booked. Reservations can be held as ‘Pending Reservations’ for those times when you need to re-arrange the booking to maximize your seating capacity.

Customize up to 12 user defined options to identify the status of a reservation. These may include birthdays, anniversaries, VIP customers, confirmed, left messages, windows seats, out by 8:30, etc. The reservation information is displayed in two screens, ‘Tables’ and ‘Runsheet’. Use the ‘Tables’ screen to quickly find and sort your bookings and re-arrange them if necessary. The ‘Runsheet’ displays the detail of each booking including booking time, name, contact number, status of the booking (i.e. not arrived, seated, bill presented and left) and all of the enabled user defined fields with their respective colours. All reservation data is automatically exported to a text file for backup purposes and can be printed to the receipt or report printer.

MYOB Interface
Send reconciled banking totals and supplier purchase data seamlessly to MYOB Accounting Software via a direct ODBC Database Connection. General Ledger accounts in MYOB are linked to Sale and Purchase Categories in Ideal POS System, along with other POS Functions.

Ideal POS System will interface with the following versions of MYOB:

•MYOB Accounting v17
•MYOB Accounting Plus v11
•MYOB Premier v11
•MYOB Premier Enterprise v5

Sales Reconciliation
Before the data is ready to send to MYOB, the sales and banking totals must be reconciled. At the POS, each terminal performs it’s usual end of shift function. The figures from each POS terminal are added together so the total sales and banking figures are checked and balanced before they are sent to MYOB.

MYOB Transaction Journal
The sales and banking data is sent to MYOB with the transaction journal memo showing the data was transferred from POS. The sales are broken down into sales categories with GST and GST Free amount separated.

Supplier Invoices to MYOB
Once invoices and purchase orders have been fully processed, the stock purchase will appear in the accounting – supplier invoice screen waiting to be exported. You can select multiple invoice to send to MYOB and run this procedure once weekly or as required.

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