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Eftpos FAQ


What does E.F.T.P.O.S mean?
It stands for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. For more detailed information checkout here

How many eftpos networks are available in NZ?
Currently only two network types are available  - Paymark & Eftpos NZ. They will be responsible for connecting your eftpos machine to their network via a eftpos merchant number that needs to be programmed into your eftpos unit.

Where can i get an eftpos merchant number?
Just pop into your local bank, tell them which network you would like to connect to and they will gladly assist.

How long does it take to get an eftpos merchant number from the bank?
Usually 3 - 5 business working days but can vary as Acponline has witnessed.

I have opened my business but i have not applied for a eftpos merchant with my bank - What to do?
Get in touch with acponline - We can get you going temporarlily while you are waiting for your merchant number to arrive. We will ensure that your eftpos revenue loss is minimized

What do you mean by latest version software in an eftpos terminal?
Every now and then paymark & Eftpos NZ will have a new software platform which your eftpos machine should be compatible with. This ensure that all data to and from the network centres are transacted more securely and quickly.

Does ACPONLINE only sell latest version eftpos machines?

How do i check if my current paymark eftpos machine is compatible?
You can check here

Why do i need i need to upgrade my eftpos terminal ?
To keep NZ world-leading network up to date with international standards and combat fraudulent activitypaymark are always upgrading it, as well as the software and hardware that interact with it. This means from time to time paymark mandate that older terminals be upgraded. This protects from the risk of fraud and enables retailers to continue accepting electronic payments in a safe and secure manner.

What are paymark"s current approved eftpos terminal?
See here

Is Acponline a Paymark accredited partner?

Are you able to match eftpos terminal prices from other eftpos dealers in NZ?
Yes most of the time we have been able to beat competitor prices

Do you use scare tactics to sell or rent your eftpos machines like we have experianced with our existing eftpos dealer?
NO -  Acponline's 10 years business success is solely due to honest non forcefull  business ethics.

Are you able to intergrate our eftpos terminal with our new pos system?
Please email us your eftpos  and your pos details

Where can i use my mobile eftpos unit?
Anywhere in NZ provided a valid gprs signal is available - usually 97% of the country has reception

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