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Hotel and Club Solutions

Since 1985, Idealpos has been developing stock control solutions for hotels and clubs. Our first stock control package was Ideal Retail Manager and, with over 500 packages sold before the year 2000, this was the beginning of our company gaining important industry knowledge in the development of successful and proven stock control software. We have been involved in developing key stock control features throughout our early years with Sharp Cash Registers, and now, with Ideal POS System, we have incorporated all the necessary tools into one package to manage your stock( from small single site operators to larger multi-location businesses).

Hotel and Club Features

Stock-taking is easy, fast and flexible with Ideal POS System. All our sales data is sent in real-time, with our stock-take procedure allowing the operator to take a ‘snap-shot’ of the current stock levels before commencing a stock-take. Once the stock has been physically counted, the operator can start selling the items even without finalizing the stock-take procedure and entering the stock-take into the system. Once the stock-take has been entered and variance and valuation reports printed, the updated stock levels will then be re-calculated to provide the system with a new opening stock level. You can do a partial stock-take and only count specific items, and/or stock-take one location at a time. Every completed stock-take is archived to allow you to go back and re-print your stock-take variance and valuation reports

Stock locations
Each POS terminal is linked to a Stock Location, so when sales are performed, the stock level is automatically reduced for its location. For items such as a keg of beer, you can set the stock location as the cold room, so even though this product was sold in the public bar, and all other items are deducted from the public bar location, the stock is actually taken from the cold room location instead. ‘Recommend and re-order levels’ can be set by location and for each stock controlled item. When you are ready to place your next order with your suppliers, you can print a re-order report by supplier to find out what stock needs to be purchased. The ‘recommended and re-order levels’ can also be calculated based on previous sales history, so you could look back at the last two weeks of sales and generate a re-order report based on the quantities sold over that period.

Stock purchasing
Stock Purchasing is simple with Ideal POS System's 'batching' method. You can make a start on entering a stock purchase and come back to it later if you get interrupted. From the same screen, you can change between stock received or a purchase order, with the option to generate automatically a purchase order based on the preset ‘recommended and re-order levels’ in the software. Purchase Orders can be printed, faxed or emailed directly to the supplier with Ideal POS System’s built-in ‘Outgoing Email Server’. Invoices from ALM, HLW and ILG can be electronically imported, reducing many hours of tedious data entry. Ideal POS System also supports electronic purchase orders for HLW and ILG formats.

Waste mode
Of course, a comprehensive stock control system would not be complete without being able to record stock write-offs. Stock write-offs can be separated into different categories so you know why the stock was written off. You can also enter a stock write-off from any POS terminal using our Waste Mode function. ‘Waste Mode’ is simple to use: start a sale in ‘Waste Mode’, and then select the items as you normally would if you were going to sell them. You select the write-off category at the end of the transaction to finalize and update the other POS terminals on the network.

Transfer mode
Transfer stock between locations easily with Transfer Mode. Select the items as though you were selling them, then finalize the transaction by selecting the location to transfer the stock to. The stock levels are updated as soon as the transfer is entered.

Portable data entry
We have created our own Portable Data Entry Software called Ideal PDE. This small application comes standard with Ideal POS System software to program Denso BHT-8000 PDEs. From the PDE, you can perform multi-location stock-takes, transfer stock between locations, receive new stock and enter the new cost price, and match new bar-coded products to existing stock items.

Stock and sales reports
Ideal POS System has a wide range of stock and sales reports to choose from. All our reports except our real-time stock level reports are date range based. This means you can easily access previous historical data by entering a from-and-to date range, or selecting from the calendar. Our most powerful report, the ‘Finalized Margins Report’ will provide real gross profit margins, taking into account stock-take variances, write-offs and discounts. So at the end of the month, you will need only one report to get a complete snapshot of your business and obtain your overall Real Gross Profit Percentage.

'Live' Stock control
By collecting sales data ‘live’, you can produce reports without having to wait overnight to collect the information from your terminals. You can quickly produce sales reports based on sales categories, departments and/or individual items. Trend reports on departments and items are available, along with hourly sales, weekly sales, your best and worst sellers, items sold in promotions; the list goes on.

Happy hour
Most conventional Happy Hour systems work by changing the POS terminals’ price level to a whole new price level; this sounds good in theory, but is a nuisance to manage as you have to make sure you have a price set for every item, not just the ones that are sold cheaper in the Happy Hour. Ideal POS System has the ability to change only specific items to sell at the Happy Hour price. You can set multiple Happy Hour schedules to provide flexibility in choosing which terminals use Happy Hour and which ones do not.

Promotion tables
Promotion Tables is a feature in the software that automatically applies a discount without the operator remembering to press a discount key at the end of the sale. A group of items (by department) or individual items are linked to a Promotion Table, so at the end of the sale, Ideal POS System will apply a discount to those items if the preset trip level has been reached; for example, your retail shop is offering a ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ promotion on a particular range of items. Promotion Tables supports four types of discounts: percentage discount, dollar discount, fixed price and bonus item.

Bar tabs
Have you ever thought of offering Bar Tabs to your customers? Bar Tabs will increase customer spending, reduce cash handling and speed up sales over the bar. We can help by getting your Bar Tab cards produced with your own company logo and graphic design on the card. Bar Tabs work by offering your customers the choice of using a Bar Tab card each time they come to the bar to make a purchase. The customer simply swaps their credit card for a Bar Tab card, and presents this each time they come to the bar. The items are charged to the Bar Tab card, and at any stage the customer can request a Bar Tab bill. When they are ready to pay, the Bar Tab is paid off using their credit card and the sale is finished. Bar Tabs can also be charged to a table. If you have a restaurant within your venue, your customers can start the night with a few drinks at the bar, then sit down at a table and have all the drinks and meals charged in the one transaction.

Customer loyalty
Are you currently offering incentives to your customers or members for spending their money with you? Ideal POS System is feature rich when it comes to customer loyalty. Choose from using our built-in customer loyalty system or connect your POS system to a Poker Machine Gaming Server to take advantage of having one card for both poker machines and your POS terminals.

Ideal POS System’s built-in customer loyalty is extremely versatile, allowing you to choose which POS terminals offer loyalty. For example, you can reward customers by giving them points per dollar at the bar, but not in the bistro; you can set how many points per dollar you will issue for a sale, and a point redemption value. So if you offered 1 point per dollar, and a redemption value of 10c, this is the equivalent of offering a 10% discount. Points can also be offered on specific items that might be part of a promotion, with the ability to have different points for each price level. The customer can easily check how many points they have accrued and the dollar value of those points by swiping their customer loyalty card. Your customers can use the points to pay for items and, if they don’t have enough points, they can pay by cash and points. Our customer loyalty system operates across the entire network so if you have a remote bottle shop, customers can use their cards with point balances updated in real-time over the VPN network.

Poker machine interface
Do you currently have Poker Machines with the ability to accept membership cards? Ideal POS System is compatible with most Poker Machine gaming servers including Ebet, Turbo, Max Gaming, Dacom, Sentinel, Computagame, System Xpress, and Bounty. The customer’s details are held in the Gaming Server so there is no data entry required at the POS terminal to use the customer’s membership card. Points can be shared between the poker machines and purchases made at the bar. It is important to reward both poker machine enthusiasts and bar patrons with points being accrued in both areas of your venue. Ideal POS System will automatically add the customer to its internal database when the card is used for the first time. The sales information is stored for further analysis and reporting, with the option to generate mail-outs or bulk email to your VIP customers; for example, you can select all customers who have spent over $500 in the last month, or make your selection on specific products that they have purchased.

Handheld ordering software
Using our handheld ordering software, you can take an order from your customers while they are sitting at the poker machine by swiping their membership card to earn points. The sale is automatically printed at the bar with the poker machine number on the top of the receipt so the wait staff know where to deliver the drinks. The PDA device is connected live to the network and sends the sales data to the POS terminals. This prevents any sales data from being lost with the handheld not retaining any data. All financial, sales and stock reports can be produced for each handheld.

Promotional ticket printing
If you are using Ideal POS System’s internal customer loyalty, or linking to a poker machine gaming server, why not use our promotional ticket printing system? For example, you can have a barrel at the end of the bar with a thermal receipt printer at the top of the barrel, with a ticket being printed for every $5 that customers spend. You can also run promotions on specific items: if customers buy a product that is part of a promotion, then a ticket will be printed automatically and dropped into the barrel.

Membership and beverage monitoring
Need a powerful Membership and Beverage Monitoring Solution? Ideal POS System interfaces with the industry leading products from Sea-Tech. Sea-Tech’s membership software called ‘belong’ sends the member’s details to Ideal POS System, avoiding any unnecessary duplication of data entry. Sea-Tech is also the creator of ‘flow’, a beverage monitoring solution. ‘Flow’ monitors in real-time the bulk beverage usage and compares it to POS sales transactions, giving your venue accurate and reliable data to control wastage and spillage. Bulk beverage accounts for as much as 85% of bar revenue.

MYOB Interface
Send reconciled banking totals and supplier purchase data seamlessly to MYOB Accounting Software via a direct ODBC Database Connection. General Ledger accounts in MYOB are linked to Sale and Purchase Categories in Ideal POS System, along with other POS Functions.

Ideal POS System will interface with the following versions of MYOB:

•MYOB Accounting v17
•MYOB Accounting Plus v11
•MYOB Premier v11
•MYOB Premier Enterprise v5

Sales Reconciliation
Before the data is ready to send to MYOB, the sales and banking totals must be reconciled. At the POS, each terminal performs it’s usual end of shift function. The figures from each POS terminal are added together so the total sales and banking figures are checked and balanced before they are sent to MYOB.

MYOB Transaction Journal
The sales and banking data is sent to MYOB with the transaction journal memo showing the data was transferred from POS. The sales are broken down into sales categories with GST and GST Free amount separated.

Supplier Invoices to MYOB
Once invoices and purchase orders have been fully processed, the stock purchase will appear in the accounting – supplier invoice screen waiting to be exported. You can select multiple invoice to send to MYOB and run this procedure once weekly or as required.

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