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Case Study

Telecommunication company fails to deliver
A well established Automobile wrecking company recently changed his telecommunication company. The teleco sales representative promised of a smooth and seemless changeover of all his services including broadband.
All said, changeover was carried over by the teleco contractors over the weekend when the business was closed for public.
Monday became a nightmare for the owner when he discovered the modem was relocated to another location . Only one of his three desktops were connecting to the internet. He was not able to send out emails.  His accounting package was not working on any computers.
He repeated called the new teleco help desk to rectify this issue immediatel but to no avail for further 2 days.  He then called me to recitify all related issue immediately

Within 2 hours ACPONLINE  delivered what the teleco failed to do.
Network cables and switch was relocated and configured around the location of the new ADSL modem. Mail server settings set to new teleco setting. New LAN IP allocated to all desktops, and accounting program shortcut remapped.
End result a Happy Customer

Case Study

New Eftpos machine a headache
A famous eftpos rental company delivered a ingenico I5100 eftpos terminal to a famous auckland restaurant. The restaurant relies on a consistent broadband connection for internet/text orders and client loyalty points. The restaurant encountered frequent internet disconnection and were unable to perform its business normally causing loss of internet orders and disgruntled customers.

ACPONLINE arrived onsite at 9 am the following morning and witnessed that the new rental eftpos machine did not have a adsl filter as the end of the line, which caused this mayhem. Acponline further did an isolation test on all its telephone jack and results were satisfacory including the dsl line.
We delivered and a very happy customer

Case Study

Oil Testing Laboratory Challenge
A well known multimillion dollar company were having difficulties in sourcing out on an old dot matrix 80mm serial receipt printer, to interface with its existing oil testing equipment.
Challenge to source out this outdated model and to deliver 2 brand new units with 5 working days.

We delivered as promised - A happy client in the end.

Case Study

Sky and Zee Tv and Internet Distribution to a physically detached premises with radio frequency remote controls
A client requested Acponline to feed live ZEE and SKY signal into a granny flat for his growing son, from there main dwelling and also mount a sony LED monitor on the wall with internet enabled.

Acponline used certified sky cables, weatherproof conduits, and high quality CAT6 cables with minimal distrubtion to the main dwelling, using exisiting outlets to draw the cables to the granny flat.
Acponline also installed a RF remote extender with just an RF transmitter inside the sky and zee remotes to transmit frequency to the 2 decoders located 20 meter away from the flat without any physical IR cabling. - Success.
A very happy client indeed and cost effective solution too.

We delivered as promised - A happy client in the end.

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