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Cafes & Take-Aways

Our experience has shown that businesses that upgrade from a conventional cash register with limited functionality to our advanced Ideal POS System instantly see an increase in their profits. Why? The reason is simple. We'll show you how to maintain and program your touchscreen layouts to suit your menu and meal options without complicating and increasing the time it takes to process an order. Your staff won’t forget to charge for the extras or forget to 'upsell', as the POS terminal will guide them step-by-step through the choices to offer to your customers.

Cafes & Take-Away Features

Design the layout of the touchscreen
We'll show you how to design the layout of the touchscreen to make it easy to use and allow you to serve your customers quickly and easily. You will never run out of space or memory to program your entire menu into Ideal POS System. From the main screen, you can program up to 9 layers with 54 buttons on each layer. Each button can open up more lists of items and so on. Choose from alphabetically sorted menus, each with their own choice of back colour, font colour, font style and size. You can program new menus in advance and load them on the day your new menu is implemented. A breakfast, lunch and dinner menu can also be created to separate the items and only display which items can be sold for that time of the day

Flexible menu programming
Some menus can be quite complicated particularly when you might have various sizes, made-to-order or design your own. Take pizzas for example: pizzas come in various sizes and typically with a set menu of the different toppings (for example, supreme, margarita, pepperoni etc). It sounds simple to take customers’ orders until they decide to remove topping or add extras. A ‘design your own pizza’ may include 4 toppings in the price, with each extra toppings being chargeable. Ideal POS System steps the operator through menus, with the menu adjusting the price according to the number of selections made. This reduces the time taken to program the menu with all the unique options, and it is easy to maintain one set of products.


Various types of order entry
Ideal POS System supports various types of order entry, including sit down table service, pay at the counter, drive-through, beeper and order number stand entry. Typically in a café environment, the customer pays at the counter and is given an order number stand with the table number on it, or a beeper which will sound when the food is ready to collect. You can enter the order number at any stage during the sale, with an option for the POS terminal to force you to enter an order before the sale is completed. If you’d rather give your customers a receipt with their order number printed on the top of the receipt, Ideal POS System will automatically generate an order number based on a set range of order numbers

Drive thru
Processing a drive-thru order is easy using Ideal POS System's 'pending sale' feature. The order can be entered from the order POS terminal with the order number incrementing automatically. Orders are automatically sent to kitchen monitors or kitchen printers for processing. Once the customers have arrived at the window, their order can be retrieved and paid for at the cashier POS terminal. The ‘pending sale’ function can also be used for non drive-through environments where the operator wants to save the order and come back to it later.

Kitchen printers
Kitchen Printers are managed entirely within Ideal POS System, allowing notification of print jobs that have failed due to the printer running out of paper, a paper jam or if the power is switched off. The operator can choose from a list of backup printers to redirect the print job to. A wide range of both Serial and Ethernet thermal and dot matrix printers are supported including IdealPOS, Epson and Samsung. You can program an item to be sent to a maximum of six printers simultaneously with each POS terminal having its own kitchen printer options. For example, your restaurant may have an upstairs bar and downstairs bar, with each bar serving the same items, so depending on where the item was sold, Ideal POS System will direct the kitchen docket to the respective printer.

Electronic journal
With Ideal POS System's Electronic Journal, you can quickly and easily recall the details of previous transactions. All sales transactions have a unique audit number, with the date, time and the name of the operator who processed the sale. Sales can be filtered to display any voids, refunds, no-sales, discounts etc. You can select a range of transactions between a particular time and print or view them on one report. If a customer comes back a few days later and requests a tax invoice for their meal, you can quickly find the transaction and re-print the receipt. All sales in the electronic journal can be emailed by highlighting the transaction and pressing the email button. You can type in the customer’s email address, with the email being sent directly from Ideal POS System's own internal outgoing email server.

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