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Alarms FAQ


Are you a registered security installer?

What alarm panels do you mostly work on?
Micron and Elite Range

Do you provide monitoring service?

Which guard company do you use when there is an activation.
We offer many choices - You as clients can choose when you sign up for monitoring.

What is the cheapest monitoring plan you offer?
One dollar per day + gst

Do you install free alarms when we sign up for monitoring?
Yes but subject to terms and condtions of ACPONLINE

Do you do site audits before installing alarms
Yes always.

We have reccuring faults with our alarm - Can you help us?

Do you install alarms for business as well?

I have lost our alarm remote - can we get replacement?

Can you do an insurance report?

Why get a registered alarm installer to install your alarm?
We are checked out throughly by the Ministry of Justice of NZ. Someone with a criminal history installing alarm at your premises can put you, your family and your assets at risk - Is it really worth it?

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